Progressive Rock Legends MARILLION Release Infectious New Single “Murder Machines” with Highly Topical Accompanying Video

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Progressive Rock Legends MARILLION will release their 20th studio album, “An Hour Before It’s Dark”, on March 4, 2022 via earMUSIC. Today they share their deep reflection on human interaction in the current global situation with their most upbeat single in many years. Watch the official video for “Murder Machines” below.

Murder Machines” is a song that was born in the challenging times of lockdown and social distancing and has become so much more than just a mirror of our times, more than a song that deals with the precious as well as dark sides of human relationships.

Steve Hogarth about the story behind Murder Machines”: “I tried not to write about the virus. But it’s been so much a part of life for the past two years that it kept creeping in. The terrifying reality that to wrap my arms around my father or mother could ultimately kill them, gave birth to this song. The lyric was then developed to hint at jealousy and heartbreak – the pain of watching the woman you love embrace another man, or the emotional “murder” of the serial adulterer. And, of course, the arms of the superpowers, and the psychopaths who sometimes have their fingers on the triggers. Beware the murder machines…”

Pre-order the album now at this location.

Whether it’s the last hour you were allowed to play outside as a child before you had to go home, a reference to the fight against time in relation to the climate crisis or the last minutes in a person’s life, MARILLION once again put their finger on the pulse of time. Be it social, political, or personal issues, MARILLION have never minced words and have always found a way to combine them with their own unique sound, known for incredible songwriting, melodies and top-notch musicianship, while swimming against the tide, not bending to norms and limitations. “Be Hard On Yourself” couldn’t be a better example of this.

“Despite the seemingly bleak contemplations across this album — the virus, our mortality, medical science, care, AND Leonard Cohen (ha ha) — the overall feeling of the music is surprisingly upbeat,” said singer Steve Hogarth. “I think the band are as on form as they ever were really, and the addition of Choir Noir has added another new soul and color to things.”

Like its predecessor, 2016’s critically acclaimed and chart-topping album “F*** Everyone And Run (F E A R)”, “An Hour Before It’s Dark” was recorded at Peter Gabriel‘s Real World Studios, which also provided the perfect backdrop for the carefully chosen selection of behind-the-scenes footage in form of a documentary on the making of the album and a performance of “Murder Machines” from Real World that will be released together with the album.

MARILLION is currently on the road with the “Light At The End Of The Tunnel” tour in the U.K., which will be followed by several MARILLION weekends until summer 2022 and a major European tour in autumn 2022.

Founded in 1979, British rock band MARILLION has, over the course of 19 studio albums, become one of the most commercially successful progressive rock acts of the 1980s and is still one of the most outstanding representatives of their genre. MARILLION embraced the potential of the Internet for both their commercial approach and to interact with their audience, long before most of their peers.

“An Hour Before It’s Dark” Album Artwork

“An Hour Before It’s Dark” track listing:

  1. Be Hard On Yourself
    1. The Tear In The Big Picture
    2. Lust For Luxury
    3. You Can Learn
  2. Reprogram The Gene
    1. Invincible
    2. Trouble-Free Life
    3. A Cure For Us?
  3. Only A Kiss (Instrumental)
  4. Murder Machines
  5. The Crow And The Nightingale
  6. Sierra Leone
    1. Chance In A Million
    2. The White Sand
    3. The Diamond
    4. The Blue Warm Air
    5. More Than A Treasure
  7. Care
    1. Maintenance Drugs
    2. An Hour Before It’s Dark
    3. Every Call
    4. Angels On Earth

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