Swedish Folk Metal Frontrunners MÅNEGARM Release Second Single “En Snara Av Guld” + Official Music Video

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Swedish folk metal pillars, Månegarm, have made a name for themselves in the international scene by releasing nine full-length records since their debut, “Nordstjärnans tidsålder,” back in 1998. Now, the Scandinavian crew takes another stroll through ancient sagas and myths of long forgotten times on the successor of 2019’s chart-topping “Fornaldarsagor” with their upcoming 10th studio album, “Ynglingaättens Öde” (EN: the fate of the Ynglinga kin), out April 15 via Napalm Records.

The band have released the second single, “En snara av guld” (EN: a golden noose), a flattering, ballad-like yet powerful mid-tempo song. It starts off with a capturing, dusky intro that leads into a catchy, heavy tune with growls that alternate with clean singing and gentle vocal harmonies presented by Lea Grawsiö Lindström – the daughter of Månegarm vocalist Erik Grawsiö. The track is accompanied by a captivating cinematic official music video that leads into the band’s Nordic world of myths, telling the dark and vicious story of the golden noose.

Månegarm said about the single “En snara av guld”: “’En snara av guld’ is our newest single from the upcoming album and is one of the songs that we are most satisfied with. It’s a grand, epic song that revolves around one simple but powerful melody; a melody that tells this gruesome story in a captivating way: the story about the Finnish daughter Skjalv who gets abducted and is forced to marry King Agne – the same man that killed her father. She finally gets her revenge on Agne and when the new day dawns, the King gets his final rest high up in the trees.”

The band also shares about the video: “‘En snara av guld’ is the most gripping video we have ever made and we are so amazingly proud of how both the song and video came out. And a father’s heart couldn’t pound any stronger than today since the song features Erik’s youngest daughter, Lea, on vocals, and his other daughter, Tuva, plays Skjalv in the video. Enjoy Brothers & Sisters!”

Regarding the album Månegarm shares: “Thousands of working hours turned into this beast – our new album, “Ynglingaättens Öde.” We truly believe this album is our strongest and most complete album to date and despite the dark days of the pandemic, we have created a concept album that is 100% Månegarm and packed with strong melodies, riffs and powerful choruses. This time, we explore an old Swedish Norse dynasty of rulers where we detail their deeds, their rule and above all – their deaths. So come join us on this journey and meet the fate of the Yngliga kin!”

“Ynglingaättens Öde” will be available in the following formats:

  • Wooden Box (incl. Digipack, 7″ Single, album cover flag, logo patch) – limited to 500 copies worldwide
  • 1 LP Gatefold Marbled Gold & Black – limited to 300 copies worldwide
  • 1 LP Gatefold Black
  • Shirt & Digipack Bundle
  • Digipack CD
  • Digital Full Length Album

Pre-order HERE.

“Ynglingaättens Öde” tracklisting:

  1. Freyrs blod
  2. Ulvhjärtat
  3. Adils fall
  4. En snara av guld
  5. Stridsgalten
  6. auns söner
  7. Vitta vettr
  8. Hågkomst av ett liv

Månegarm are:

  • Erik Grawsiö / Vocals & bass
  • Markus Andé / Guitars
  • Jakob Hallegren / Drums

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