MÄGO DE OZ Releases First Single and Lyric Video from Upcoming Album IRA DEI

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The renowned Spaniard folk-heavy metal band MÄGO DE OZ have released the lyric video and first single “La Cantiga de las Brujas” from their upcoming album Ira Dei. The song features Diva Satánica, vocalist of Blood Hunter who will also be essential part of the album cover artwork.

“La Cantiga de las Brujas” is the theme song of the new album, a track composed by Txus and Diego Palacio and arranged by Javi Diez and Manuel Seoane. This song is more follows the band’s usual musical style mixing metal with Celtic nuances, but hardened and with guttural voices for the first time in a MÄGO DE OZ track. The band did not want to release a simple lyric video, therefore they shot constant imagery in many focal planes, endowing the lyrics and make it look like a real video clip.

MÄGO DE OZ  (Spanish for Wizard of Oz, with a metal umlaut) formed in mid-1988 by drummer Txus di Fellatio. The band became well known for the strong Celtic feel to their music strengthened through their consistent usage of a violinist and flautist. The name for the band was chosen, according to founding member Txus, because “life is a yellow brick road, on which we walk in the company of others searching for our dreams”.

Their last album was Ilussia, released on 21 October 2014. The concept of the album revolves around a bloody circus, abandoned in a forest, that comes alive. The album features a symphony orchestra with soprano and falsetto choruses and choirs, incorporating Power Metal and Folk. For the 15th anniversary of their landmark album Finisterra, MÄGO DE OZ re-recorded the album in the band’s current style, featuring numerous collaborations. The resultant album, Finisterra Opera Rock, was released in November 2015.

Enjoy the track below and let us know what you think!

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