Listen To MUSHROOMHEAD New Single “Prepackaged”

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Cleveland, Ohio-based masked metal masters Mushroomhead recently announced their brand-new, upcoming ninth album, “Call The Devil”, due out August 9 via Napalm Records. 30 years into their groundbreaking history, the band shows no signs of slowing down, proving innovative without losing sight of their trademark sound and imagery.

Following the album’s hard-hitting first single “Fall In Line” — which Revolver dubbed “groove-heavy” and Consequence called “a pummeling barrage of industrial metal” — today, Mushroomhead unveil their second new nü metal-laden single “Prepackaged”. The song shines as one of the band’s heaviest new offerings, cementing their renown with massive riffs, aggressive growls and a catchy chorus.

Mushroomhead mastermind Steve “Skinny” Felton says about “Prepackaged”: “‘Prepackaged’ turned out extremely heavy, aggressive and haunting. Full of dark sonic textures. Both the video and the song are delightfully dark, foreboding and unrelentingly grim.”

Returning after a 12-year hiatus, longtime guitarist Dave “Gravy” Felton — who performed on several of the band’s biggest albums and is credited as a primary songwriter on classic anthems like Along The Way”, “Sun Doesn’t Rise” and “The Dream Is Over” — contributes his trademark skills to two “Call The Devil” album tracks. The album once again features production by band mastermind/drummer Steve “Skinny” Felton, as well as the return of Matt Wallace (Faith No More3 Doors Down) on mixing, also recognized for his work on Mushroomhead‘s iconic album “XIII”. The album is also the band’s first to feature mastering from Jacob Hansen (VolbeatEpicaArch Enemy).

Pre-order “Call The Devil” HERE.

Resulting in debuts at No. 2 on the U.S. Current Hard Music Albums chart and No. 8 on the Current Rock Albums chart, and with the unveiling of the band’s first woman vocalist, Jackie LaPonzaMushroomhead introduced a whole new slew of accessible, hard-hitting anthems on the “A Wonderful Life”, and have only aimed to expand on it with their ninth auditory onslaught.

Bursting with ominous intensity, album opener “Eye To Eye” launches with warning sirens and a grooving riff provided by Gravy, proving the band wastes zero time with filler on “Call The Devil”. Eclectic tracks like the emotive, surprisingly jazzy anthem “Emptiness”, dramatic carnival creeper “UIOP (A Final Reprieve)” and haunting “Hallelucination” showcase the more experimental side of Mushroomhead, while heavy burners such as the gripping “Prepackaged”, charging and melodic “Hideous” and aggressive drum-forward “Torn In Two” cement the band’s lauded metal renown. Featuring guitar work and writing from Gravy, the winding, dark “We Don’t Care” proves to be a future live favorite with its chanting chorus and earworm hook as vocalists Steve Rauckhorst and Jackie LaPonza split leadership duties. 

“Call The Devil” brings the cinematic, signature style of musical mastermind and bassist/keyboardist Ryan “Dr. F” Farrell to the forefront, exploring piano-driven balladic auras and compelling with eerily Vaudevillian three-part vocal achievements on songs like “Decomposition”“Grand Gesture” and “Shame In A Basket”, eventually veering into welcomed bizarre territory with album closer “Doom Goose”.

Steve “Skinny” Felton says about the album title: “We played around with a few different album titles, and apparently ‘Shout At The Devil’ was already taken… so we figured we’d just try calling.”

30 years into their groundbreaking history, Mushroomhead show no signs of slowing down, proving innovative without losing sight of their trademark sound and imagery. “Call The Devil” boasts everything from bangers to ballads, providing a strong variety that every heavy music fan will have on repeat!

“Call The Devil” Album Artwork

“Call The Devil” track-listing:

1. Eye To Eye
2. Fall In Line
3. Emptiness
4. We Don’t Care
5. UIOP (A Final Reprieve)
6. Prepackaged
7. Decomposition
8. Grand Gesture
9. Hallelucination
10. Hideous
11. Torn In Two
12. Shame In A Basket
13. Doom Goose


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