Listen To BRING ME THE HORIZON Long-Awaited New Album “Post Human: Nex Gen”

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Bring Me The Horizon have released their long-awaited new album, “Post Human: Nex Gen”, and you can stream it in full below.

The LP was originally due last September, but was pushed back due to “unforeseen circumstances”, with Sykes and the rest of Bring Me The Horizonunable to complete the record to the standard we’d be happy with”.

The first part of the “Post Human” Series, “Survival Horror” was recorded during the first COVID lockdowns, almost entirely remotely, and leaned into the band’s heavy side to express its feelings of anger, fear, emptiness and despair. Of “NeX GEn”, singer Oli Sykes says that it’s searching for something more hopeful, if not entirely positive in and of itself.

Fittingly, the music this time – already previewed in huge singles “Kool Aid”, “DiE4u”, “AmEN!” and “DArkSide” – has an even more euphonic, post-hardcore-inflected stripe, while still bursting with the band’s unique, forward-thinking creativity. 

Oli adds the album took “ages to write”. Partly, this is down to the band thinking that lockdown would last much longer than it did. When it lifted, they quickly found their schedules full with touring the world and headlining festivals such as Reading & Leeds (where they were joined by Ed Sheeran for their collaborative hit “Bad Habits”), hosting and headlining NEX FEST in Japan, Download Festival in the UK, Good Things in Australia and When We Were Young and Sick New World in Las Vegas.

“Post Human: Nex Gen” Album Artwork

But it’s also down to the concept quickly growing into something bigger than its creators originally imagined. “Post Human: Survival Horror” became far more of an event than the band had envisioned upon release, and crafting its follow-up required much bigger thinking than first anticipated. 

There is so much to unwrap under the surface of the album for those who can spot it. “It’s a real concept album, with a full narrative that connects to the first record, but the concept is hidden and buried,” he says. “Some people aren’t going to be interested, but for some people it could be like a self-help book. There’s a lot of things in there, some of it’s quite clear, but a lot of it cryptic and hidden. People are gonna have to work it out.”

Not that Bring Me The Horizon are looking backward. As ever, “NeX GEn” is the work of a band unafraid to challenge both themselves and the musical world in which they have become leaders. 

Once again, others will follow. Prepare for the evolution.


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