KREATOR’s MILLE PETROZZA: “We’re Still Extreme, But We’re Not Afraid To Experiment”

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Kreator frontman Mille Petrozza was recently asked – in an interview with Kris Peters of Australia’s Heavy – about the band’s goals and vision in the four decades since their inception, and he says that the attitude is still the same: they love to play extreme metal and explore new music. However, they also want to progress as musicians and come up with new, exciting stuff. That’s why they sometimes take five years between albums – they never just put out something for the sake of it.

Petrozza also says that their sound has evolved since the release of their debut album, “Endless Pain”, in 1985. They’re more confident and experienced, and the technology is so different nowadays. However, they still want to keep some of the elements from the early days, so they recorded their latest album, “Hate Über Alles”, in an old-school studio called the Hansa studio in Berlin, Germany. They’re not blocking out new technology, but they think it’s important to keep the attitude the same.

Petrozza says that they still have the same energy and work very hard on keeping their music fresh and exciting. That’s evident in their latest music video for the song “Conquer And Destroy”, which was filmed in front of 6,000 of their fans in Essen, Germany.

In conclusion, Kreator are still the same extreme metal band that they were 40 years ago, but they’re not afraid to experiment and try new things. They’re still as passionate about their music as ever, and they’re always looking for ways to push themselves.


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