KOBRA PAIGE Debuts Solo Single ‘Love What I Hate’

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After a four-year hiatus from the music industry, fiery rock front-woman Kobra Paige (Kobra And The Lotus) returns to ignite her solo career with first single “Love What I Hate”. The powerfully melodic, alternative-steeped rocker was aired on Active Rock on Friday, October 13.

About the track, Kobra Paige commented: “‘Love What I Hate’ has been waiting to live its life for a very long time and I’m so freakin’ lit up that its time to shine has finally come. This song was written in Nashville with Blair Daly, an amazing songwriter and now longtime friend.”

She continued: “I needed to write about feeling completely consumed and addicted to the thought of not being enough…the deep shame that comes from not knowing how to pull yourself out of that spell…self-sabotage at its finest! Blair pulled that ghost right out of me like a flippin’ ghostbuster and we got it on to paper.

“‘Love What I Hate’ is about the paradox of love and hate and the (super) raw obsession that can unfold with the things that hurt us the most. Long live rock n’ roll!”

Paige‘s as-yet-untitled debut solo album is due out April 5, 2024. More details will be revealed in the coming months.


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