KITTIE Members Speak About Nu-Metal Newfound Popularity: “Every Time There’s A Popular Shift In Music, Everyone Hates It At First”

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In a recent interview on “The Ex-Man” podcast with Doc Coyle from Bad Wolves, members of KittieMercedes Lander (drums), Morgan Lander (guitar, vocals), and Tara McLeod (guitar) — shared their perspectives on the resurgence of nu-metal. The genre has seen a revival with new bands embracing the style and iconic groups like Limp Bizkit and Mudvayne making steady comebacks to headline arenas, adding credibility to the genre which was previously often seen with different eyes.

Tara McLeod highlighted the typical cycle of new musical trends initially facing backlash. “It just seems like every time there’s a shift in music, everyone hates it at first,” she said (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). Despite its apparent simplicity, she argued that nu-metal’s catchy riffs and hooks are deceptively complex. She noted, “And I think with nu-metal, it’s like a simplified form of music, but that doesn’t make it a lesser-than form of music. And I think that oftentimes it takes a little bit of growth and perhaps some years for some of the music fans to catch up and look back and realize, like, ‘Wow, okay, that was super catchy. And actually writing those riffs and the hooks and the vocals, that’s actually not simple.’ They’re, like, simplified; it’s not simple.”

Mercedes Lander praised the technical prowess of nu-metal musicians, particularly Limp Bizkit‘s guitarist and drummer. “Honestly, go and listen to any of Wes Borland‘s playing. That’s not easy. Also, John Otto (Limp Bizkit‘s drummer), the GOAT. Have you ever watched John Otto play drums? He’s amazing.”

Morgan Lander added that it requires considerable skill to avoid overplaying, which she sees as a mark of true talent. “It takes restraint for skilled musicians to not overplay. And I think that is a sign of real talent, and also being strategic about where you’re putting things in and how you’re writing,” she said.

Mercedes emphasized that complexity doesn’t always equate to quality. “I think a lot of people confuse busy playing with good music. ‘Cause there’s a lot of busy songs that I’m, like, ‘This song sucks.’ It doesn’t have to be super busy or shreddy or whatever, it doesn’t have to be like that to be good. It’s the same thing as I like to say — just ’cause you can play fast, it doesn’t mean that you should… Giving yourself that space can provide you with so much more. Keeping your music kind of simplistic even, and giving yourself that space, you can do more vocally or whatever the case might be. Less is more sometimes.”

Kittie is set to release their much-anticipated new studio album, “Fire,” on June 21 via Sumerian Records.


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