KILLSWITCH ENGAGE Shares Full Headline Set At Bloodstock Open Air 2023

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The dust has settled over Catton Park, but the echoes of a legendary Bloodstock 2023 still ring loud. Metalcore titans Killswitch Engage delivered a 90-minute masterclass, proving once again why they’re kings of the mosh pit. Now, the full spectacle is available for your headbanging pleasure on YouTube.

21 anthems, from classics like ‘My Curse’ to newer bangers like ‘The Crownless King’, poured forth in a setlist curated for maximum fist-pumping. The Massachusetts boys brought their signature blend of melodic fury and raw energy, igniting a passion that burned bright under the summer sky.

Bloodstock themselves called it “not just a concert, but a celebration of metal’s enduring spirit.” They weren’t kidding. The connection between band and crowd was electric, a testament to Killswitch‘s decades-long reign in the metal realm. This wasn’t just another gig; it was a crowning moment, etching their name deeper into the festival’s legacy.

Killswitch Engage Bloodstock Open Air 2023 Setlist:

  1. My Curse
  2. Rise Inside
  3. This Fire
  4. Reckoning
  5. The Arms Of Sorrow
  6. In Due Time
  7. Beyond The Flames
  8. The Signal Fire
  9. Unleashed
  10. Hate By Design
  11. The Crownless King
  12. Rose Of Sharyn
  13. Reject Yourself
  14. Fixation On The Darkness
  15. Strength Of The Mind
  16. The Element Of One
  17. A Bid Farewell
  18. This Is Absolution
  19. The End Of Heartache
  20. My Last Serenade
  21. Holy Diver (Dio cover)

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