KIKO LOUREIRO Said He Suggested to MEGADETH’s Management To Bring MARTY FRIEDMAN Back

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The revolving door continues to spin for Megadeth‘s lead guitar slot. After Kiko Loureiro‘s departure on indefinite hiatus last September, the reins were handed to Finnish shredder Teemu Mäntysaari. But was that the only option on the table?

In a recent interview with Guitar World, Loureiro revealed that he suggested to Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine and to the band’s management to consider the return of legendary ex-guitarist Marty Friedman.

“Actually, I even mentioned to management and Dave that I thought bringing Marty Friedman back would be amazing,” Kiko said. “I have no idea if they’re talking about it or talking to him, but I did say that. But again, I have no idea beyond that, and I don’t want to make anything more complicated.”

Loureiro‘s reasoning is clear. He recognizes the impact of Friedman‘s era on Megadeth‘s legacy, albums like “Rust in Peace” and “Countdown to Extinction” forever etched in metal history. While expressing his own gratitude for the warm reception he received during his nine-year tenure, Loureiro humbly acknowledges the “Marty factor” – fans’ enduring connection to a guitarist who helped forge the band’s iconic sound.

“The fans never said anything bad about me or complained, which was amazing. But I’m a fan, and I always understood that Marty was a part of those iconic albums like “Rust in Peace” and “Countdown to Extinction”. I understood that Marty was the guy who helped create that sound and style, you know? From the moment I joined Megadeth, I knew the fans could show me love, but I would never win their hearts over Marty.”

Last year, Friedman spoke to Guitar World about his relationship with Mustaine, “We’re just two rock ‘n’ rollers with teenage dreams that never die. Both of us did whatever we had to do to make it happen. I think with guys who have had long careers, you’ll probably find that we are very much in touch with our 15-year-old selves. And that is the prime motivator to go out of our way.”

Only time will tell if Friedman will ever reunite with Megadeth on a permanent basis. But Loureiro‘s suggestion leaves one thing certain: the band’s sonic future remains an open book, one brimming with the potential for both thrilling new chapters and echoes of past glories.


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