KERRY KING Says He Might Cover MOTÖRHEAD, IRON MAIDEN & METALLICA Classics With His Solo Band

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During a recent interview with American Musical Supply at the Welcome To Rockville festival in Daytona Beach, Florida, Slayer guitarist Kerry King shared some intriguing plans for his band’s upcoming tour.

King discussed the possibility of incorporating cover songs into their setlist, offering a unique experience for fans. “Covers, it’s in the mix,” he stated (as transcribed by Blabbermouth). “My spin on it is I want to — I wanna throw in a cover every show, once we get used to it and being out, and I wanna play stuff that people can’t see or hear anymore, like say for instance, ‘Ace Of Spades’. You’re never gonna see Motörhead again. So, I think that’s cool to do. Or for instance, songs that bands don’t play anymore, like ‘Killers’ from Iron Maiden. I don’t think they’re ever gonna play that again. I don’t think Metallica is ever gonna play ‘Damage, Inc.’ again. So I wanna do things that actually aren’t just me having fun. I want it to be fun for the fans to where they see it, it’s the only place they can see it.”

King also addressed whether more Slayer songs would be featured in the upcoming live shows of his solo band: “Well, no, ’cause these guys — I mean, me and Paul probably know most of it, but these other guys don’t. And I’m not gonna waste their time learning shit that we may or may not play. In Chicago, we played five or six Slayer songs and more of this band’s songs. The Slayer ones, I’m only playing stuff I wrote or co-wrote. Will I play ‘Angel Of Death’ someday? Absolutely. Will I play ‘War Ensemble’ someday? Absolutely. But for this year, I don’t wanna give anybody ammunition to say, ‘Oh, he’s playing [late Slayer guitarist]Jeff Hanneman‘s [songs].’ I’m not, ’cause I don’t wanna hear it.”


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