JINJER’s TATIANA SHMAILYUK Teases Upcoming Album with 19th-Century Romanticism Flavor: “It’s Going To Be Different”

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In a recent interview on Knotfest‘s “She’s With The Band,” hosted by Tori Kravitz, Jinjer‘s lead vocalist Tatiana Shmailyuk discussed the band’s progress on their upcoming album, the follow-up to their 2021 release, “Wallflowers.” The show focuses on elevating the presence of women in the music industry, both on and off the stage.

Tatiana shared her thoughts on the songwriting process, admitting, “My purpose is just to write lyrics and sing them. I’m so behind right now with the writing lyrics. And I warned my guys. We were at least to get a really rough draft, rough sketch, or a demo of one song, like maybe the first single from the new album, at least get this, but nope. Stress and creativity don’t work with me.”

She explained that while stress often hampers her creative flow, impending deadlines tend to spur her into action. “When the deadline’s coming, and everybody knows that — I’ve been talking, like, every single time we release a new album, I say that, I say this — deadlines push me. So I just have to write, so I get this stream of consciousness, basically. I write down whatever the bullshit is in my head. And then you build it. At least you have to have bricks to build a poem or whatever it is, just lyrics.”

Tatiana also hinted at the musical direction of the new material, describing it as distinct from their previous work. She remarked, “It’s gonna be different, first of all, because I feel that the music differs a lot. And to my mind, the whole — I won’t say how many songs are there; I guess 12 or even 15; let’s say 13; I don’t remember — but they all have… not all of them, but half of them, at least, they have a similarity in them. They’re similar to each other or they remind me. They have this concept within — without any lyrics, they still sound like they belong to one box. They are a set of songs.”

Tatiana revealed that the new songs evoke a 19th-century romanticism vibe. “And it has a certain flavor to me that… I feel like it has this flavor of the 19th century. It’s very romanticism from the 19th century. If you listen to it, you will think, ‘Oh.’ You know, when you listen to Muse, you feel he was inspired by a lot of classical composers — obviously. So our new music has this flavor. And I’m so excited.”

In addition to working on new music, Jinjer recently released their first official live DVD/Blu-ray, “Live In Los Angeles,” on May 17 via Napalm Records. This recording, captured on December 22, 2022, at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, marks a celebration of both overcoming recent challenges and the band’s 15-year journey in the music industry.



  1. “The show focuses on elevating the presence of women in the music industry”

    Yes, because women are so underrepresented in the music industry, the poor little frail flowers. Last time I checked, the biggest, most titanic music star in the world is a woman.

    • the quantity of female musicians does not mean there are no problems and misogyny women are still facing in the industry.

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