IRON MAIDEN’s BRUCE DICKINSON: “We’re Meat And Potatoes. We Don’t Downtune Or Use Backing Tracks”

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In an age where many bands rely on technology to create a polished live show, Iron Maiden keep their decades long commitment to authenticity, by simply playing their music with passion and integrity.

In a recent interview with Australian radio station Triple M, singer Bruce Dickinson explained that Iron Maiden has always been a band that prides itself on playing its music live, with no backing tracks or other gimmicks.

“We’re not fashion icons or anything else like that,” he said. “We’ve always been — how can I put it? We’re not like Michelin star chef-type grub; we’re meat and potatoes. And it’s straightforward, what people come to see is. I mean, the songs are not necessarily straightforward, but the attitude is. And we still play all the songs in the original key; we don’t drop, downtune and stuff like that. We still play everything too fast, because we’re all excited.”

“We’ve never played to click tracks or like time code and everything else now, ’cause I see a lot of bands now, and I’m going, ‘Hang on a minute. Hey, you sang that without moving your lips.’ So there’s all this backing vocals being flown in left, right and center and everything. But we don’t do any of that. Everything is analog and real. So we are kind of old school in that respect. But I think that pays dividends ’cause the audience understand that reality is increasingly kind of rare now.” Dickinson added.

In times where so much music is manufactured and processed, Iron Maiden are a shining example that real music is still out there, and that people still appreciate it. Just six guys playing their hearts out on stage.


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