HYBORIAN Reveal Details for New Album “Volume II”, Release First Single “Planet Destructor”

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Progressive sludge metal outfit HYBORIAN will release their sophomore effort, aptly titled “Volume II,” on March 20, 2020 via Season Of Mist. In conjunction with the album announcement, HYBORIAN have released the first single from this monstrous effort, “Planet Destructor,” which can be heard below.

The conceptual record picks up where their debut record left off and is accompanied by a 224-page sci-fi novel, ‘The Traveller,’ which was penned entirely by HYBORIAN guitarist/vocalist Martin Bush.

A summary of the book is as follows:

“The universe is filled with beginnings. Life springs anew in a constant cycle of birth and rebirth, billions upon billions of beginnings, intrinsically linked, each influencing the beginnings that will come after. Every ending is in and of itself a new beginning; what once was, by the very act of ending, becomes the beginning of what is to follow. This particular beginning begins at the end; the end of everything. The universe is dying. It is in the final stages of passing out of existence, which is a beginning as well, the beginning of what comes after. The cycle continues, cascading in an unending series of births and deaths, all linked, each one shaped by the beginnings that preceded it.

“The universe is dying, but it will begin again.”

“Volume II” Album Artwork

“Volume II” Track-list:

1. Driven by Hunger (05:11)
2. Stormbound (04:18)
3. Sanctuary (05:28)
4. Planet Destructor (04:40)
5. The Entity (03:55)
6. Expanse (03:40)
7. Portal (04:43)
8. In the Hall of the Travellers (08:10)
Total: 40:10s

To celebrate the release, HYBORIAN will be performing an album release show on March 20 at The Riot Room in their hometown of Kansas City, MO, in which they will be supported by label-mates THE LION’S DAUGHTER. The event will be sponsored by 98.9 FM.


03/20: Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room (w/ THE LION’S DAUGHTER)
04/18: Baltimore, MD @ Grim Reefer Fest [Event link // Tickets]

‘Volume II’ is available for pre-order at this location.

Since their formation, HYBORIAN has been an all-consuming entity. It’s the place where Bush, Bates and Rippeto (the bass position remains vacant, a rotating cast of friends fill in on tours) direct most of their creative energy, visionary thinking, musical ideas and technical focus, at times to the detriment of other areas of their lives. But, as Bukowski once said “find what you love and let it kill you.” HYBORIAN is what these three men love and want to do and they’re going to do it.

“We’re a really hard working band,” say Bush. “I know that’s a tired narrative, but I recently got divorced because of how much time and energy I put into the band. Basically, my ex-wife got sick of how hard we would work on this and was like, ‘You have to stop playing or you gotta git.’ It’s only really been two-and-a-half years since we formed, we haven’t stopped since we started and haven’t scratched the surface of this band yet.”

“The original idea when we started planning out what HYBORIAN was going to be was to have three records; the first one was going to be stories from the beginning of time and early humanity before the advent of the written word and that’s where the name comes from – author Robert E. Howard’s Hyborian Age. The second album, which is what ended up happening on Volume II, takes place during the very last days of the existence of the universe and the third record will be about the modern industrial age.

“The book is a short read, but a very convoluted plot. It’s very fantasy and sci-fi based – that’s mostly me more than anyone else in the band. The new record follows the book chronologically. It’s like The Wizard of Oz and Pink Floyd, only way more direct. If you read the lyrics of songs in order it basically tells the exact same story as the book, just way more in-depth.”


  • Martin Bush / Vocals, Guitar, Synths
  • Ryan Bates / Guitar, Vocals, Bass
  • Justin Rippeto / Drums

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