HELLWITCH Reveal Details of “Annihilational Intercention” Album, Announce US Tour Dates

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Originally formed in 1984, Old school Florida death metal legends HELLWITCH are back with their unique brand of highly energetic, incisive, thrashing death metal.  The band has always sounded insanely catchy, always balancing technicality to a great measure, HELLWITCH have drafted some genuine classic songs over the years and their new album is a culmination of all such works and experience.

Band leader Pat Ranieri comments about the artwork for “Annihilational Intercention”: ” The cover of “Annihilational Intercention” is what is coming in the future of mankind on this wretched planet. The Judge is in the final stages of administering punishment to our race, eradicating every last being.  Having biologically and supernaturally evolved to possess otherworldly powers, his psychic assault is manifested in spears of burning energy and levitational force.  His apocalyptic “Horsemen” look on with hatred, aiding the cause. The poisoned, decimated world that surrounds tells the tale of man left to his own devices.”

“Annihilational Intercention” Artwork

HELLWITCH’s new album “Annihilational Intercention” will be released digitally on the 2nd of June , and physically on the 30th of June 2023.  The band will also release a new video for the song ‘Delegated Disruption’ on April 19.

“Annihilational Intercention”Tracklisting:

  1. Sollipsistic Immortality 5:03
  2. Delegated Disruption 5:02
  3. Megalopalypytic Confine 4:58
  4. Sorcerous Imminence (instrumental) 0:53
  5. Hellwitch 4:07
  6. Epochal Cessation 4:45
  7. Anthropophagi 7:10
  8. At Rest 5:18
  9. Torture Chamber 3:57
  10. Sweet home Alabama 1:09 (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover only on vinyl version) 


 Monday, June 5 The Milestone Club, Charlotte NC
 Tuesday, June 6 Powers BMX Shop, Richmond VA
 Wednesday, June 7 The Kennel at West York Inn, York PA
 Thursday, June 8 The Fire, Philadelphia PA
 Friday, June 9 Pie Shop, Washington DC
 Saturday, June 10 Lurking Class Skate Shop, Salisbury MD
 Sunday, June 11 Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn NY
 November 3/4/5 Mass Destruction fest ,the Loft, Atlanta 


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