Greek Thrashers SUICIDAL ANGELS Share New Track ‘Purified By Fire’ From Their Upcoming Album “Profane Prayer”

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Suicidal Angels release their brand new track ‘Purified By Fire’, which is part of their highly anticipated new album “Profane Prayer”, which will be released on March 1st, 2024 via Nuclear Blast Records.

Singer Nick comments about the new song: “Against all good and evil, forged into the flames, the second single of our upcoming album, pure thrash, straight in your face, purified by fire! Let’s start this fuckin’ moshpit!”

He adds about the new album: “The time has come! Finally, almost after 4 years, the 8th studio album of Suicidal Angels is true and ready to unleash itself into the market, bringing you some new tunes to satisfy the needs and the appetites of the toughest audience! March 1st of 2024, this beast will be out, in digital and physical form on all of Nuclear Blast’s channels. We have returned and it will be killer!!!”

A new generation of thrash metal youngsters has risen from the ashes of a club of titans like Slayer, Exodus, Kreator, and many more. Greek ambassadors supreme Suicidal Angels are one of the most jaw-dropping representatives of the injection of new blood. At the dawning of Spring, this four-piece of these energetic thrashers will release their eight studio album “Profane Prayer” four years after their previous attack “Years Of Aggression”. It marks their return to the Nuclear Blast family. ‘It feels like homecoming’ confirms composer Nick Melissourgos (vocals, and guitars) who started the band in 2001 when he was 16 years old.

Suicidal Angels went through a step by step development since their humble start in 2001. Not earlier than in 2007, they entered the studio to record their striking debut album “Eternal Domination” which caused a stir in the Hellenic scene. They were invited by Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ to do their first EU tour. This was only the beginning of a long era of growing popularity. Another milestone was supporting Kreator, resulting in a long time friendship with Mille Petrozza. In 2010 Suicidal Angels even opened up for the Big thrash 4 in Athens at Sonisphere and at the beginning of 2014 they finally did their first independent headline tour through Europe. Every two years new albums were coming out to support on the road. In the meantime they conquered Asia, South America and Europe and there is more to come.

“Profane Prayer” is available to pre-order AT THIS LOCATION.

“Profane Prayer” Track List:

  1. When the Lions Die
  2. Crypts of Madness
  3. Purified by Fire
  4. Deathstalker
  5. Profane Prayer
  6. The Return of the Reaper
  7. Guard of the Insane
  8. Virtues of Destruction
  9. The Fire Paths of Fate


Nick Melissourgos / Vocals, and rhythm guitars
Gus Drax / Lead guitar
Angelos Lelikakis / Bass
Orfeas Tzortzopoulos / Drums


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