GEDDY LEE Warns: “Death of Discourse” Echoing Pre-WWII Germany

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In a chilling interview with PBS NewsHour’s “Canvas”, Rush frontman Geddy Lee, whose parents survived Nazi concentration camps, issued a stark warning about the rising tide of hate and the erosion of open dialogue. Lee, whose band’s anthems championed the underdog and denounced tyranny, sees a troubling parallel between today’s climate and the pre-World War II period.

“People are smart,” Lee told interviewer Lisa Desjardins. “People should be able to discuss things. The death of discourse is not good for the human race. It’s not good for improving things.”

His concern stems not just from history lessons, but from his own family history. Both of Lee‘s parents endured the horrors of Nazi concentration camps, a personal connection that imbues his words with an unsettling weight.

“When you see that starting to happen, it scares me,” Lee confessed. “It really scares me a lot. And I am put in mind of what was going on in Germany before World War II. There are danger signs all over the world right now, and that worries me a lot.”

Lee‘s message resonates beyond the realm of music. It’s a call to action for all of us to engage in respectful dialogue, challenge hateful rhetoric, and prioritize education and understanding in the face of rising hate. His stark warning, delivered by a survivor’s son and a rock legend, serves as a powerful reminder that complacency in the face of intolerance can have devastating consequences.

Lee‘s spoken word tour, accompanying his new memoir, offers a platform for deeper exploration of these themes. Let his warning serve as a reminder of the dangers of unchecked hate and the importance of open dialogue in safeguarding a peaceful future. We must heed the lessons of history and actively challenge the forces that threaten to silence dissent and sow division. Only through open minds and engaged hearts can we truly hope to build a world free from the horrors of the past.


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