GEDDY LEE Unearths Two Lost Gems From The “My Favourite Headache” Era

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Geddy Lee and Rush have two new reasons to celebrate. The Rush frontman has unearthed two previously unreleased solo demos from the writing sessions of his 2000 album, “My Favourite Headache.” These raw and honest tracks, titled ‘Gone’ and ‘I Am…You Are,’ offer a glimpse into Lee‘s creative process and his deeply personal reflections on loss and relationships.

The songs were rediscovered by Lee while working on his recent autobiography, “My Effin’ Life.” He describes them as “beautiful, but too raw” for release at the time, out of respect for the late Neil Peart and the emotional weight they carried. However, years later, Lee felt compelled to revisit these lost treasures and share them with the world.

With the help of producer/engineer David Bottrill, ‘Gone’ and ‘I Am…You Are,’ have been given a proper polish without losing their original charm. New drums and a stunning violin solo by Ben Mink enhance the songs, while Lee‘s vocals remain powerful and emotionally resonant after all these years.

The release of these “lost demos” coincides with several exciting events in Lee‘s world. His new docuseries, “Geddy Lee Asks: Are Bass Players Human Too?”, premiered on Monday, December 4th, delving into the world of bass playing with legendary musicians like Les Claypool and Krist Novoselic. Additionally, Lee‘s acclaimed autobiography continues to be a bestseller, and his engaging “In Conversation” series has captivated fans across North America.

With the 50th anniversary of Rush‘s debut album just around the corner, these “lost demos” serve as a reminder of Lee‘s enduring talent and creativity. They offer a rare opportunity to experience the rawness of his songwriting and the depth of his emotions


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