FROZEN LAND Premieres Music Video For New Album Single “Señorita”

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Five long years since the band’s latest, self-titled offering, Finnish power metal masters FROZEN LAND return with a brand new studio album, entitled “Out Of The Dark”. The album will be released on June 16, 2023 via Massacre Records, the pre-sale is available at THIS LOCATION!
Out Of The Dark, is basically a 7-song cohesive ensemble in the traditional power metal genre. But on the last 2 tracks it gets even more exciting. It’s not a secret, Tuomas has a perversion for 90’s Eurodance, and on the last album the band already covered E-types “Angels Crying”. Now, the band even created their own songs mixing Eurodance and metal. But, don’t take it too seriously… FROZEN LAND certainly doesn’t! Let’s give ear, following a previously-released, first single, the album opening track “King’s A Bitch”, today, FROZEN LAND have shared a music video for the song “Señorita”!
“This is the most meaningful track in Frozen Land’s discography,” the band comments. “The tune and lyrics came to Tuomas after consuming about 0.7l of vodka. It was an awesome night, the birth of “Señorita”. They say the northern star shined extra bright that night. We feel that the song is our “baby Jesus”, actually. From now on we celebrate the birthday of the song giving presents to each other. A little “Señorita” doll is also made and then crucified on a small cross.”

Apart from the band’s Eurodance affairs, “Out Of The Dark” is old-school power metal – period. It is a wet dream for everybody who started listening to power metal in the 90’s. No fillers, no non-catchy choruses, and no uninteresting guitar solos guaranteed. The album was mixed by Nino Laurenne and Juho Mäntynen at Sonic Pump Studios, and was mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers Studios.


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