CANDLEBOX’s KEVIN MARTIN Reveals His Post-Retirement Plans: Swapping Power Chords for Spirits Venture

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After decades of rocking stadiums and belting out anthems, Candlebox frontman Kevin Martin is ready to trade his mic for a shaker. His retirement isn’t about slowing down though, it’s about pouring his passion into new ventures, from building a bourbon empire to supporting at-risk youth, as commented on his recent interview with Andrew Treadwell of Hear 2 Zen Magazine.

Martin‘s post-musical plans are as diverse as his guitar riffs. He’s got a distillery churning out handcrafted spirits like bourbon, tequila, and rye, under the aptly named “Lost Marbles” brand. And he’s not just slapping his name on a bottle; he’s knee-deep in the mixing, blending, and tasting process, ensuring every sip delivers premium Kentucky satisfaction.

But it’s not all about indulgence. Martin‘s philanthropic side shines through with his “Riptide Society” foundation, providing financial support for college, art supplies, and even living expenses for young adults in the foster care system in the United States.

And if that wasn’t enough, Martin’s wife has a clothing line where he lends his fashion sense to the men’s section. From rocking stages to rocking outfits, there’s no stopping this multi-talented artist.

But why bourbon? When asked about the celebrity alcohol trend, Martin emphasizes authenticity. “We’re not just slapping a label on store-bought stuff,” he says. “We’re hand-selecting the finest batches, creating single-barrel gems for serious bourbon connoisseurs. We won’t be one of those 20-dollar-price-point bottles of bourbon; we will be in the 80, 90 dollars. We’re launching a four-year as our first, and then our second release is a seven-year.” This isn’t a quick cash grab; it’s a labor of love for a spirit he deeply respects.

Martin‘s retirement isn’t a retreat, it’s an evolution. He’s trading in stadium applause for the clinking of glasses, the cheers of young scholars, and the satisfaction of crafting liquid perfection. So raise a glass, not to farewell, but to the next chapter of Kevin Martin‘s story, one filled with bold flavors, heartfelt causes, and a passion that never stops burning.

Recently, Candlebox (Kevin Martin on lead vocals, Adam Kury on bass, Brian Quinn on guitar, Island Styles on guitar, and BJ Kerwin on drums), completed a farewell tour in the United States, which we reviewed HERE. Along with several headlining shows, they traveled the nation as direct support for fellow rockers 3 Doors Down on their massive “Away From The Sun” amphitheater tour.


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