FARGO Reveals Single Video for ‘Gimme That Bone’ From Upcoming Album “Strangers D’Amour”

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German Hard Rock band FARGO has releases with “Gimme That Bone” their new single and video out of their new studio album “Strangers D’Amour” today. The video features two special guests: ex FARGO guitar player Hanno Grossmann and Torsten Lüderwaldt on keyboards, well known for his work for the band Fair Warning. Watch the video below.

A trademark with a few innovations, that is: True to the motto “reduce to the max”, “Strangers D’ Amour” presents Fargo as a trio.  Bass player Peter Knorn says: “Compared to our comeback album “Constellation”, “Strangers D’Amour” sounds even more mature and rounded, with our typically driving beats and lots of melodious chorus parts, but also with a few little surprises thrown in, ‘Gimme That Bone’ have guitar player Peter Ladwig play a Hammond organ and Fender Rhodes, as well as his guitar.”

“Strangers D’Amour” is complemented by its cover artwork featuring the three band members’ faces in a jungle guise, as if they’d just sprung from a primeval forest. Says Knorn: “The front cover stands for the wild and primal in all of us. Or the animalistic element, perhaps the ability to see into the future. To recognise these elements and to live in harmony with them, that’s what we wanted to convey with the album title.”

“Strangers D’Amour” will be released through SPV/Steamhammer on June 25th, 2021 as CD digipak, LP in black vinyl and digital. There will also be an exclusive CD/LP bundle with a T-Shirt only available at the Steamhammer shop here

“Strangers D’Amour” Tracklist: 

  1. Rain Of Champagne
  2.  Gimme That Bone
  3. Closer To The Sun
  4. Time
  5. Mary Says
  6. Law Of The Jungle
  7. Homesick
  8. Dear Miss Donna Vetter
  9. No Reason To Cry
  10. Car Expert
  11. Why Don’t You

Founded in 1973 by Peter Knorn and Peter Ladwig, the group soon earned itself a faithful fan base and went on to sign a recording contract only a few years later. For a while guitarist Matthias Jabs, who joined the Scorpions in 1978 and went on to make a global career, was also part of the Fargo fold. Fargo themselves developed into an internationally acclaimed act, too, released their debut album in 1979 and brought out three more superlative studio albums by 1982, all of them on EMI, the major label giant of that time. The band toured all over Europe, played with the greatest luminaries of the rock scene, performed outstandingly successful tours with AC/DC, Mothers Finest, April Wine and The Small Faces, among others, and wowed TV audiences on a regular basis. Thanks to their sensational live shows (including Knorn’s legendary nightly head-first somersault), Europe’s biggest teen magazine BRAVO devoted two full pages to the Fargo bassist in January 1981.

You can see the stunt below.

Following a time of upheaval, the hard rock act Victory emerged from Fargo in 1984 and continued the successful career of its predecessor seamlessly. After a hiatus of 34 years, Fargo returned in autumn 2017 and went on to release their comeback album “Constellation” one year later.


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