EXODUS’ GARY HOLT Reflects On Tour Injuries, Triumphant Metal Mayhem, And The Next Beatdown

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Exodus thrashed their way through 2023, and Gary Holt is ready to unleash even more sonic fury. The legendary guitarist’s recent social media post paints a vivid picture of a year overflowing with adversity, resilience, and ultimately, the unyielding spirit of metal.

From a bone-jarring bus tumble to rescuing his brother from an Italian hospital, Holt faced challenges that would test anyone’s mettle. Yet, through the turmoil, he forged unbreakable bonds with his bandmates and delivered electrifying performances that solidified Exodus‘s status as a thrash metal titan.

“This year has been the hardest I’ve ever dealt with yet massively rewarding. The most injured I’ve ever been on tour.”

“Started the year with a horrible fall off the bus, slipping on an icy step, thought I broke my pelvis. No break. Worst pain ever. For weeks. Keep playing. Had to rescue my brother from an Italian hospital after a horrible accident. Mass turmoil, drama, and stress. Had to cancel Europe for my own mental well-being. Sucked. Fuck my neck up at Blue Ridge rock fest. Still fucked up four months later. Find a way to do what I gotta do, even if banging my head harder than all was not on the table. But also I made amazing new friends with my tour mates. Played shows that told all of Exodus that something really cool is happening with this band. We are driven. We care about nothing but crushing you. Fans. Other bands. No matter. We will destroy all.” Holt recounted.

But through it all, the music never faltered. Exodus‘s latest album, “Persona Non Grata,” resonated with fans and critics alike, proving the band’s unwavering commitment to sonic annihilation: Persona Non Grata’ was a milestone for us. Time to crush it. To all who say they’re about to make the metal record of the year? Hold my NA beer!””

But before diving headfirst into the studio, Holt acknowledges the incredible support system that fuels Exodus‘s fire. “Thank you to everyone,” he says, “most of all our band management and crew. Family time. Then time to finish the songs for this next record! The work to deliver the beatings continues.”… just a brief respite before the next onslaught of thrash anthems.


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