Extreme Heavy Metal Revelation EVIL INVADERS Release New Live Video for Exhilarating Single “In Deepest Black”

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Fans of EVIL INVADERS have a reason to rejoice, as the band has released a new live video for their hit song “In Deepest Black”, taken from their successful latest album, “Shattering Reflection”. This addictive crusher is a perfect representation of the band’s signature style, complete with dramatic, melodic guitar lines and a catchy chorus that is bound to stay stuck in the listener’s head.

The new live video perfectly captures the electrifying energy of an EVIL INVADERS concert, featuring throwback metal vibes that are sure to get fans head banging and pumping their fists. With this latest release, EVIL INVADERS proves once again why they are one of the most exciting bands in the metal scene today. Check out the new live video for “In Deepest Black” today and get ready to rock with the band on their upcoming tour!

Joe (vocalist & guitarist) says about “In Deepest Black”: “With our new album, ‘Shattering Reflection‘, and a full festival season, 2022 has been an amazing year for us. Later this month we’ll tour throughout Europe so we thought it would be cool to make a recap music video with some of the highlights of last year. We mixed up some festival footage with the release party recordings for ‘Shattering Reflection’ in Antwerp. Thanks to all who were there rocking out with us! Great memories that won’t be forgotten… We can’t wait to see you all again in March and April. Check out our website for all the tour dates.”

Order “Shattering Reflection” HERE.

Evil Invaders “Shattering Reflection” was a game-changer for the Belgian four-piece, as the band finds their own formula – twisting heavy metal into yet another extreme direction. The album takes off with speeding banger “Hissing in Crescendo”, followed by the epic anthem “Die For Me”, already destined to become an Evil Invaders all-time classic. A calmer side is explored on tracks like mid-tempo opus “Forgotten Memories”, creating a dense, heavy wall of sound with equally piercing vocals and lyrics underlined by guitar solo virtuosity. That thrilling epos stands in line with “In Deepest Black”, further showcasing how the band has managed to craft a pure classic heavy metal anthem with melodic guitar lines and catchy choruses, creeping relentlessly into the listener’s head. It also proves that front-man Joe has undoubtedly matured vocally, as his voice enters a whole new dimension in all facets. On the contrary, “Sledgehammer Justice” is a furious outburst of classic thrash/speed metal in which the Belgian quartet goes full throttle with hammering rhythms and guitar solo madness. Another album highlight is dark opus “The Circle”, creating a horrifying atmosphere with stomping drums and excellent guitar lines. Fans of King Diamond will definitely dig this one. Throughout the album, the band manages to keep the balance between fast extreme heavy metal with sharp shredding and mosh-worthy tracks, as well as melodic, intense and chorus-oriented mid-tempo anthems.

Shattering Reflection” is a monster of an album that indisputably proves that, within in a new generation of metal bands, Evil Invaders have developed and matured record after record, just like classic metal bands of yore. Fans will instantly clamor to hear “Shattering Reflection” in full, and see these sinister tracks performed live on stage.

Joe (vocalist & guitarist) on “Shattering Reflection“: “I’m very satisfied with what we achieved on ‘Shattering Reflection.’ We’ve created a very versatile and surprising album. Because it had been so long since we’ve released anything new, we had a lot of demo material to choose from and I think that’s what made this record so interesting. We had the time to experiment with the songwriting, arrangements and vocal lines. Also the collaboration with Francesco Paoli as a producer was really cool. We managed to truly give the songs a unique vibe. It feels like we’re at the start of a new chapter for the band and I’m excited to hear people’s reactions to the new stuff. It was a long and heavy process but it was totally worth it.

Shattering Reflection” is available in the following formats:

  • Jewel Case
  • 1LP Sleeve Black
  • 1LP Sleeve Marbled Black & Blue – limited to 300 copies worldwide
  • Shirt & Jewel Case Bundle
  • Digital Full Length Album

“Shattering Reflection” Track-list:

  1. Hissing In Crescendo
  2. Die For Me
  3. In Deepest Black
  4. Sledgehammer Justice
  5. Forgotten Memories
  6. Realm of Shadows
  7. Eternal Darkness
  8. My World
  9. Aeon
  10. The Circle


  • Joe / Vocals & guitars
  • Senne Jacobs / Drums
  • Max / Guitars
  • Joeri / Bass


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