ENSLAVED Reveals “Sacred Horse” Live Video/Single

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Norway’s progressive metal legends Enslaved have travelled a long way since their origins in the extreme black metal scene of the early 1990s. This week sees them premiere a new live video performance of ‘Sacred Horse’, taken from their forthcoming package of live releases, “Cinematic Tour 2020”,out June 25th. For Enslaved, this performance represents a cherished career zenith, unapologetically translating their extreme metal roots into grandiose psychedelia.

‘Sacred Horse’ (live) is taken from their upcoming “Cinematic Tour 2020” recording: The Rise of Ymir (Verftet Online Festival 2020).Despite being locked down in space, Enslaved take us on a tour through time, with classic tracks and fan favorites resurrected and revitalized by a formidable and accomplished live performance. 

Many great bands struggle to walk the hard road between artistic evolution and staying true to themselves, but on ‘Sacred Horse’ and The Rise of YmirEnslaved show how inspired composition and musicianship can bring an audience along with them, from the most abrasive depths to the most absorbing heights extreme metal has to offer.

Enslaved’s Grutle Kjellson commented: “Sacred Horse is probably one of our proudest moments in our now three-decade long career, and that song pretty much sums up what Enslaved is all about; energy. A very aggressive song, yet also dynamic and mellow. Besides, it’s always a delightful experience to perform it on stage and to see how our audience absorbs it and enjoys it. We’ve even seen people crying at the front row while playing this song, and of course beholding our fans unleashing such emotions, really lifts the whole experience to a pretty much divine level! Obviously, performing it without an audience at an online show wasn’t an easy task, but the memories of our previous endeavours playing it alongside our fans, got us through. Thanks for watching!”

Enslaved will be releasing four new live albums/DVDs on June 25th, with audio and visuals taken from their highly revered digital performances in 2020. 

  • “The Rise of Ymir” (Verftet Online Festival 2020) 
  • “Chronicles of the Northbound” (Cinematic Tour 2020)
  • “Below The Lights” (Cinematic Tour 2020)
  • “Utgard – The Journey Within” (Cinematic Tour 2020)

The releases will be available via the following formats: 

  • Splatter Vinyl (Ltd. edition 300 copies)
  • 4 x CD/DVD boxset (Ltd. edition 1000 copies)
  • 4 x DVD (Ltd. edition 1000 copies)
  • Digital albums

For more information on physical formats head to the By Norse Store

Physical pre-order available here and digital pre-order now available here

“The Rise of Ymir” chronicles Enslaved‘s debut digital show, which took place on April 1st 2020 at USF, Bergen, as part of the Verftet Online Music Festival. 

“Chronicles of the Northbound”, Below The Lights” and Utgard – The Journey Within” detail their Cinematic Summer Tour digital shows which took place last summer. The events were collaborations with respected European festivals Roadburn, Beyond The Gates and Summer Breeze.


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