ENDSEEKER Shares New Music Video For Title Track From Their Just Released “Global Worming” Album

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Germany’s Endseeker has just released their fourth full-length album, “Global Worming”, this past Friday, October 27th.

Endseeker‘s guitarist Ben commented about the filming of the band’s latest music video, ‘Global Worming’: “The video-shoot was hilarious! We spent one and a half days filming with Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) and Philipp Hirsch (Amon Amarth, Dew Scented, Heaven Shall Burn and many more) and had so much fun! The idea was to create a super cheap looking b-movie style video with simple special effects and awkward costumes. We love the result and it shows that death metal doesn’t necessarily have to be dead serious.”

Here’s what the band has to say about the latest single and title track: “‘Global Worming’ revolves around a dystopian future where zombie worms overrun our planet and eat us all until we go extinct. And all that’s left is this ginormous amount of slimy, nasty undead worms and bugs, nesting inside empty skulls and other human remains, living their best undead life. It’s kind of a classic The End Of The World stories we have in Death Metal. Phonetic similarities from the song title with possible real life future events that threaten our very existence are totally by chance and unintentionally.”

The album contains 9 new tracks and is now available across all digital platforms, as well as on CD Digipak, Vinyl (variants listed below), and as a limited Box-Set that will include the album on vinyl, exclusive 2-track 7-inch vinyl single, 4p. newspaper, sticker, beer cozy, and 3 buttons in hand printed box* (limited to 500 copies – available in Europe only).

The band’s guitarist comments about the album: “All our albums are unique and mark a certain era in our history. “Global Worming” is no exception. It’s probably our darkest and heaviest album. It probably just reflects the era we’re living in. I guess we just process all of this through the music and try to turn the world’s shit into something we and hopefully a lot of other people can enjoy. We’re definitely super excited to see where Global Worming will carry us and what lies ahead!

“Global Worming” is available to order HERE, and while you are at it check the vinyl variants available below:

Green/Black Marbled (700 copies)

180g Black
Clear Blackdust (300 copies)
Red/White Marbled with 7-Inch (Boxset – 500 copies)

“Global Worming” Variants

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