Doom Metallers FRIENDS OF HELL Share New Single/Music Video For “Bringer Of Evil”

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Friends Of Hell have shared “Bringer of Evil”, the second single from their upcoming new album “God Damned You To Hell” due out April 5th on Rise Above Records. “Bringer of Evil” is accompanied by a new music video which can be watched below.

Heavy metal has a long history and profound connection with devilry, deviance, and the dark side. The ignominious return of Friends Of Hell can only strengthen that bond. Steeped in purest old-school metal and the dirtiest doom, their new album “God Damned You To Hell” is a rusty spike in the eye of unbelievers.

Pre-order the album HERE.

As they begin their infernal mission in earnest, Friends Of Hell has grown from a spontaneous idea into a fearsome force for guitar-driven infamy.  “God Damned You To Hell” takes a pick-axe to modernity and builds a new monument to Satan in its place. As Danazoglou explains, there is no other way. Hails!

“Our song themes are and always will remain the same,” Taz Danazoglou states. “Satanism, witchcraft, horror, and death! If the public loved the first album, the second one would blow their minds. It’s on another level. Another level downwards into the pits of hellfire! The one thing that has really changed is that with this line-up, we will play live and bring mankind to its knees. We want to play and destroy stages. Other than that, we will then focus on the third album which will be the final nail in the coffin lid for mankind!”


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