DEATH ANGEL Cover QUEEN’s “Under Pressure” On New EP

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Fresh off of their recent Grammy nomination for “Best Metal Performance”, veteran San Fancisco Bay Area metallers DEATH ANGEL descend to unveil their autumn 2020 EP: “Under Pressure”.

Containing four tracks of both new and reinvented melodies, the variety emitted from this next addition to the DEATH ANGEL catalog is electrifying to the ears while remaining acoustic and intimate in its presentation. A dynamic cover of QUEEN + David Bowie‘s Under Pressure initiates the sonic journey, followed by a refreshing new track titled “Faded Remains”. Engrossing acoustic versions of “Act III”‘s classic “A Room With A View” and “Humanicide”‘s “Revelation Song” finish off this satisfying sojourn showcasing the vocals of Mark Osegueda and Rob Cavestany, with Cavestany on guitar.

Mixed by Max Norman (OZZY OSBOURNEMEGADETHBAD COMPANY) and mastered by Ted Jensen (LAMB OF GODMACHINE HEADHALESTORM), the already-experienced team involved with making these songs come to life augmented their talents through the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, and in doing so, shaped a beautiful and soulful extension of the DEATH ANGEL essence.

The “Under Pressure” EP is out NOW via Nuclear Blast Records.

Under Pressure” Track listing:

  1. Under Pressure
  2.  Faded Remains
  3. A Room With A View (2020 Acoustic Version)
  4. Revelation Song (2020 Acoustic Version)


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