DAVE MUSTAINE Reflects On “Natural” Reunion With MARTY FRIEDMAN: “He’s A Sweet, Tiny Dude… But F*cking Mighty!”

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In a recent conversation with Alejandrosis, Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine talked up about the band’s reunion with former guitarist Marty Friedman for two special performances last year. The iconic duo shared the stage first at Tokyo’s legendary Budokan in February 2023 and then rocked the Wacken Open Air festival in Germany in August.

Mustaine reflected on the experience, saying, “It was very familiar. And Marty is a sweet, sweet man. He’s a very teeny little dude, but he’s like that saying: dynamite comes in small packages. Marty may be small, but he’s fucking mighty. And when we were playing together, there was a time where he came over and he leaned next to me, and I kind of leaned next to him, and it was just so natural because we had done that for so many years. And it just felt great.”

Expressing his admiration for Friedman, Mustaine added, “I love him, and I wish him the very best in everything that he does. I think it would be fun if we were able to do stuff like that in the future for us. I don’t wanna do it too much, because I think that it’ll become like a circus. And there are certain people that we did play with over the past that they’re alumni and I love ’em and respect ’em, but I don’t think it would be good for us to play with some of them because I don’t know that they are still playing or if they would even remember the different tracks.”

During their performance at the 2023 Wacken Open Air, Friedman joined Megadeth on stage for four electrifying songs: “Trust,” “Tornado Of Souls,” “Symphony Of Destruction,” and “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due.”


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