Danish-Swedish Quartet VOLA Release Epic Video for New Song “These Black Claws”

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The genre-welding Danish-Swedish quartet VOLA will return with their brand-new album, “Witness”, on 21 May, released on Mascot Records. Ahead of this they have unveiled another single, entitle ‘These Black Claws,’ which features American rapper SHAHMEN, and the accompanying video can be viewed below.

Drummer Adam Janzi shares: “With ‘These Black Claws’, we explore the dark and menacing subject of addiction. To further build on this atmosphere, we chose to collaborate with American rapper SHAHMEN. This is our first ever feature with VOLA, which makes it a special occasion for us. The music video was shot in Denmark, Sweden & Finland by three different film crews due to the ongoing pandemic and us not being able to come together. This was quite challenging to pull off! We are excited it worked out in the end and hope you will enjoy the song and video.”

The Scandinavian sensations are among the most exciting talent to emerge from Europe in recent years, their complex narratives blend with crushing riffs and a sonic sophistication. Heavy/quiet and dark/light combine with elements of tech-metal, progressive alt-rock, electronica, and stadium-sized choruses. Like the boldest acts – Tool, Mars Volta, Radiohead, Ghost, Muse, Faith No More – their sound transcends traditional rock and metal boundaries and dares to be brave

“Witness” comes nearly three years after the release of ‘Applause of a Distant Crowd,’ which saw the band go deep into the rabbit-hole, exploring society’s distractions from thoughtfulness and examined the way human relationships have evolved. Their new album goes a step further, shining a light on the subject of failed relationships, on a societal scale—the friction between leaders and followers, which is caused by the misuse of power.

If I zoom in,” guitarist-singer Asger Mygind says. “The failure is born from unrequited love, grief, manipulative behavior and insecurity. Connecting it with the album title, one could view the characters portrayed in the lyrics as being witnesses to the dissolution of the bond they have created with people in their lives.”

VOLA wrote the songs after they returned from their successful 2019 headline tour across Europe. The tour had a string of sold-out shows along the way. It capped off an incredible two years, which had seen them also tour with Dream Theater, Anathema, Katatonia, Haken, Monuments, as well as show-stealing performances at Euroblast, Ramblin’ Man Fair, Radar Festival, Bloodstock, Damnation Fest, Tech Fest and more.

The album’s themes are entwined into both the cover art and the title as Mygind elaborates; “The cover art of the album largely inspired the title. To me, the image could either portray the close-up of an eye, or a zoomed-out image of something burning. In case of the eye, I imagine that it belongs to someone witnessing an event. Something huge and life changing. In case of burning, it is the viewer of the cover art who becomes the witness. Or maybe this burning is what the eye is looking at. No matter how I look at it, the concept of being a witness seems very present in the artwork.”

“Witness” Track-list

  1. Straight Lines
  2. 24 Light-Years
  3. These Black Claws (feat. SHAHMEN)
  4. Freak
  5. Napalm
  6. Future Bird
  7. Stone Leader Falling Down
  8. Inside Your Fur
  9. Head Mounted Sideways


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