CROBOT Present Video for ‘Everyone Dies’, Featuring STEEL PANTHER’s Drummer STIX ZADINIA

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Crobot and Mascot Records have announced the global release of an EP titled “Rat Child” on June 18. The complete track listing features “Mountain” (featuring Frank Bello), “Kiss It Goodbye” (featuring Howard Jones), “Everyone Dies,” (featuring Stix Zadina), and “Rat Child.”

Today, the band and Mascot Records present the music video for “Everyone Dies” featuring Steel Panther’s Stix Zadinia, who also co-wrote and mixed the track. Zadinia shares, “I think this song will floor people. You haven’t heard Crobot quite like this before. Writing this song with them has been a fantastic experience, and I can’t wait for people to hear it!” Crobot singer Brandon Yeagley offers, “Whether you’re jammin’ in your Delorean or Mini-Cooper, we’ve always got something to take you back to the future.  Riffs? Check. Spandex? Check. Sequins? You bet yer sweet Granny’s ass…So when you’re ready to rock, just call on your neighborhood friendly Crobot. We’ve got a real mutha for ya!”

The music video was directed and edited by Wombat, and is dedicated to Brandon’s father Rick Yeagley who passed away in October, 2019. Watch it below.

On the collected body of work released as the “Rat Child” EP, the band shares, “These ‘Motherbrain‘ leftovers (and new tunes alike), will satiate your tastebuds for some new Crobot riffage. We had the unique opportunity to collaborate with Frankie Bello (Anthrax), Howard Jones (Light the Torch), & Stix Zadina (Steel Panther), with whom we not only value friendship but idolize as well. Whether it’s gritty grooves, ballistic riffs, or that good ol’ Crobot sound you’re yearning for to getcha through, we’ve got just frequencies for ya! Say hello to our lil’ friends…

The band’s most recent studio album “Motherbrain” was a global hit. Cumulative streams surpassed 20 million plays, 14 million of which were of the single “Low Life.” The accompanying music video for the track has been viewed over 1.5 million times, while the song was a Top 10 hit at Rock radio in America with a lengthy 29 week run on the Billboard charts. The follow-up “Gasoline” had a strong run on the U.S. charts as well.

“Rat Child” Tracklist

1.     Mountain (feat. Frank Bello)
2.     Kiss it Goodbye (feat. Howard Jones)
3.     Everyone Dies (feat. Stix Zadina)
4.     Rat Child


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