BUSH Will Be Releasing A Greatest Hits Album Later During The Year

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British rock band Bush will release a greatest hits album in November, according to front-man Gavin Rossdale in a recent interview with Rock 100.5 the KATT’s Jake Daniels.

“We have a greatest hits coming out in November and the first song of that is called ‘Nowhere To Go But Everywhere’ and it really is a song that I wrote for my friends, and you’ll be able to sing it about you and your friends. It’s a weird song, its got a power and so when things like that happen to you, you get a wistful feeling … I wrote a song that has a wistful feel to it which I thought was a cool way of having making a song to do the greatest hits and captioning everything you’ve done.”

Rossdale added that the album is a way for the band to celebrate their 30th anniversary and to celebrate life most of all: “It’s just what’s amazing about is you realize that life just moves out of insane pace, that is essential to get the most out of it. A wasted day is literally a wasted day and normally you live at trying to be you know a tiger person, life is really there for living and enjoying and even it’s such a challenge for people all the time we get so many setbacks and we get so many challenges that you gotta just keep fighting and keep positive and stay on the right side of it.”

Bush is currently on tour in the United States. See the dates below and buy your tickets HERE.

  • 09/14 The Colosseum @ Caesars Windsor, Windsor, ON, CA
  • 09/15 CityFolk Festival, Ottawa, CA
  • 09/22 Irving Plaza, New York, NY
  • 11/03 SEMA Fest, Las Vegas, NV

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