BRING ME THE HORIZON Shares Heavy New Single “Kool-Aid”

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The Sheffield screamers are at it again, but this time with a tangy twist. “Kool-Aid,” the band’s first single since losing longtime collaborator Jordan Fish, packs a melodic punch while hinting at an exciting new direction for their ongoing Post Human project.

While “NeX GEn,” the next chapter in the Post Human saga, was slated for last fall, it’s now simmering on the back burner until summer 2024. Fish‘s departure undoubtedly played a role in the shift.

Enter “Kool-Aid.” The track showcases a familiar ferocity, Oliver Sykes‘ vocals cutting through like a serrated spoon through citrus ice. But there’s a newfound sweetness too, evident in the soaring chorus and subtle electronic flourishes. This is Bring Me The Horizon embracing a wider soundscape, a departure from the raw intensity of their earlier work. Check out the official lyric video below.

Jordan Fish‘s influence on Bring Me The Horizon is undeniable. His arrival steered them towards progressive pastures from its earliest days as a metalcore band, a journey that shaped their sound and garnered them the “most forward-thinking metal band” title. But his departure also opens a door, an opportunity for experimentation and uncharted sonic territories.


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