BONFIRE Introduce New Vocalist DYAN, Release New Video Version Of 1987 Hit “Fantasy”

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German hard rock titans Bonfire have revealed their new vocalist. The band has joined forces with exceptional singer and front-man, Dyan, who may be yet unknown but will immediately convince every heavy and hard rock fan.

“As most of you already know Bonfire was in the process of re-recording the first three albums for a special box set to go along with the release of Hans Ziller’s book and a Bonfire documentary,” says bassist Ronnie Parkes. “At nearly the end of the recording process Alex Stahl and Bonfire split ways. Bonfire would like to welcome to the family our new vocalist Dyan. He was born 31 years ago in Greece and currently lives in the UK. He is an incredible addition to the team and will surely bring Bonfire to new heights!”

Now, Bonfire has re-recorded the classic “Fantasy”, taken of their iconic “Fireworks” album from 1987, while Dyan is showcasing his extraordinary vocal talent and giving the track a new, fresh sound and shape. 

Founding band member Hans Ziller adds: “At first listen I immediately fell in love with Dyan‘s tone and vocal abilities. Dyan recorded 35 songs in 14 days; an incredible show of strength and stamina for any vocalist. The band and I are extremely excited to have him onboard and we feel he will help to get Bonfire back into the first league of Rock & Roll!”


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