Swedish Hard Rockers BONAFIDE Share New Single ‘Snacket’ From Their New Album “Are You Listening?”

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The second single from Bonafide‘s upcoming album, “Are You Listening?,” due out on October 27th via Black Lodge Records/Sound Pollution, is the song ‘Snacket’. This unique track is a duet in Scanian, a Swedish regional dialect, between Wilmer X front-man Nisse Hellberg and Bonafide‘s own Pontus Snibb.

The idea was born at a party after a Wilmer X gig at Gröna Lund in Stockholm. Pontus asked if Nisse wanted to do a duet in Malmoeitic, a type of Scanian spoken in Malmoe. Nisse was immediately won over to the idea and the next morning, Pontus had the song written. He was so quick in fact, Nisse received the demo before he had arrived home in Malmö.

The duo have a recorded history: Pontus has played on several of Nisse Hellberg‘s solo records and they played together on the soundtrack to Blådårar, a film about MFF and Zlatan. Together, the two have also recorded tracks, and played plenty of gigs with, The Buckaroos both in Klågerup and New Orleans.

‘Snacket’ also features a guest lapsteel player in none other than Pelle Jernryd.

Every one of the album’s ten new tracks show that Bonafide is on fire! It´s pure, high-energy, uncompromising, hard rock on a level that very few other bands can match.

“Are You Listening?” is produced by Chips Kiesbye (Hellacopters, Sator, Sahara Hotnights, Backyard Babies), and is available to pre-order HERE.


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