BEHEMOTH Planning To Unearth Forbidden Riffs For Livestream Event “Outliving Christ”

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Polish blackened death metal titans Behemoth are conjuring a special ritual for 2024: a live-stream event dubbed “Outliving Christ.” On April 30th, Behemoth will take the stage of the majestic Philharmonie de Paris, but this won’t be your typical greatest hits parade. Instead, the band promises a deep dive into their extensive discography, unearthing forgotten gems and hidden treasures for a truly special event.

“We are planning a very special show of deep cuts from the catalog,” the band proclaims. “So looking forward to adding salt to the stigmata as we celebrate our Outliving Christ!”

Beyond the music, the “Outliving Christ” livestream might probably be a unique visual spectacle. We can almost envision the grandeur of the Philharmonie de Paris being twisted and contorted to reflect Behemoth‘s signature blend of darkness and theatricality, stained glass windows weeping obsidian tears, demonic choirs echoing through the rafters, and Nergal himself, draped in unholy finery, commanding the stage like a fallen angel.

The spectacle will be live-streamed in collaboration with Arte Concert, and French post-black metallers Regarde Les Hommes Tomber will be the opening act.

Will you be there to bear witness to Behemoth‘s descent into their own musical tomb? Or will you cower in the face of their resurrected fury? The choice is yours.

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