BEAT (ADRIAN BELEW, STEVE VAI, TONY LEVIN & DANNY CAREY) Expands Tour With 21 Additional Appearances

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From the moment Beat (Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Steve Vai, and Danny Carey) tickets went on sale, tickets flew out of box offices across North America. 

Tour Producer Angelo “Scrote” Bundini has shared today that “due to overwhelming demand, Adrian, Steve, Tony, and Danny have decided to extend the Beat tour with an additional 21 shows in order to perform these incredible King Crimson albums for even more fans. We are adding many additional cities alongside second and even third appearances in various regions.  Sixty-five dates in total!  The audience has spoken loudly so BEAT is responding in kind.”

Please visit THIS LOCATION for tickets, the artist’s presale starts today (June 25th at noon) with password BEATTOUR.

Former King Crimson members Adrian Belew and Tony Levin recently banded together with guitar virtuoso Steve Vai and explosive Tool drummer Danny Carey for the first time to create Beat, a creative reinterpretation of the three iconic 80s King Crimson albums – “Discipline,” “Beat,” and “Three Of A Perfect Pair.” They will come together this fall for an extensive tour across North America performing repertoire from these three King Crimson iconic albums.

Guitarist Adrian Belew reflected: “The 1981 through 1984 King Crimson created a music all its own. Timeless. Beautiful. Complex. Fierce.  For the fans who lived through it then, and the ones who never got to witness it, our aim is to bring it to life again. A monumental task but we’re going for it!  There are not enough exclamation points to express my excitement!”

Guitarist Steve Vai stated: “Being a part of this ensemble is an extraordinary privilege and opportunity to perform some of the most beloved, timeless, and monumental music of the 80s (and beyond) with truly inspired musicians. This music resonates deeply with me. Adrian, Tony, and Danny are unique musicians with an otherworldly insight into presenting rich musical complexities in a very accessible way, and I am looking forward to searching each other’s musical minds in real time on stage. I’m sure sparks will fly.”

He continued: “Father Robert Fripp is one of our historical geniuses. His highly specific and exceptionally brilliant guitar technique is studied and revered. His contribution to the quality of my musical life, and so many others is supreme. I can assure the fans of King Crimson that I will be putting my best foot forward to respect this great music with the care and intensity it deserves. Did I say ‘sparks will fly?’”

Bassist Tony Levin offered: “This is going to be quite a tour. Revisiting some of my favorite music is a treat in itself, but in the company of this stellar lineup, I expect to have my musical butt kicked! And it’s also great that we’re not just playing a few shows, we’re hitting it hard. So, Road Dogs are coming to your area soon.”

Drummer Danny Carey shared: “I am very excited to share the stage with three of my favorite musicians on the planet. Tony, Steve, and Adrian have always been a source of inspiration for me since the beginning of my career, and now to be able to share a bit of my musical journey with them is a dream come true. There’s nothing better to make some sparks fly and light a fire under your ass than getting out of your musical comfort zone, and I can’t think of any other three guys I’d rather do this with.  I think I can speak for all of us when I say I hope all of our fans are as excited as we are about this tour.”         

The vision for this undertaking emanated from the initial dialogue between Angelo Bundini aka Scrote and Adrian Belew. Tour Producer Bundini recalls, “When Adrian called me to help bring his idea to fruition, I immediately thought it best to focus on the 80s albums: Discipline, Beat, and Three Of A Perfect Pair. These three records famously marked Adrian and Tony‘s entry into King Crimson. Their fluid, melodic virtuosity, and Fripp‘s and Bruford‘s dramatic precision created a totally unique, dynamic push and pull that would influence nearly every rock musician and/or band going forward for years, if not decades, to come.”


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