AVENGED SEVENFOLD Shares Official Music Video for Their Single ‘Mattel’

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The official ‘Mattel’ music video by Avenged Sevenfold, is finally available. The video was directed by Zoe Katz and the song is from the group’s most recent album, “Life Is But A Dream…,” which was released this past June.

The album follows nearly seven years after its predecessor, “The Stage.” It was written and recorded over a the span of four years, produced in Los Angeles by Joe Barresi and Avenged Sevenfold, and mixed in the Pennsylvanian Poconos by Andy Wallace. The album is a personal inquiry of the meaning, purpose, and worth of human existence with the constant fear of death hanging over it. It is a trip through an existential crisis.

While examining the potential illusion of free will and determinism, “Life Is But A Dream…”‘s offers more of a celebration and emancipation of life than nihilistic sorrow. The intention is for the listener to strive to achieve in life what the band constantly strives for in their art, confrontation, innovation, capitulation, struggle, and the guts to fail with integrity and on our own terms. The album was inspired by the writing and philosophy of Albert Camus. Accordingly, the lyrics are rooted in existentialism and absurdism.

“There are no rules. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks,” singer M. Shadows points out. “One day, we’ll all be gone, and eventually we’re all forgotten. So, once you find your own purpose, go for it.”

In support of the album, Avenged Sevenfold released a second leg of their “Life Is But A Dream North American Tour Part 2” wit the support of Falling in Reverse. Check the dates below and get your tickets HERE.


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