ASKING ALEXANDRIA Reveal First Official Radio Single “Psycho” Music Video & Release Bonus Track “Bad Blood”

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British rock outfit ASKING ALEXANDRIA will release its eighth full-length studio album, “Where Do We Go From Here?”, this fall via Better Noise Music. The LP’s debut track, Dark Void”, was released in May and saw the band return to their metalcore beginnings has already amassed five million streams and one million video views to date. ASKING ALEXANDRIA has today (June 16) shared the album’s electrified first official radio single “Psycho” along with the vindictive, heavy-hitting track “Bad Blood” across digital platforms.

Watch the music video for “Pyscho” below, and listen to “Bad Blood” further down.

‘Psycho’ is one of those songs that is talking about when you feel trapped inside your own head, trapped by your own vices and your own downfalls,” explains guitarist Ben Bruce. “Whether it’s being stuck in a relationship that doesn’t work for you, or feeling like you can’t stop drinking or doing drugs, or maybe you’re stuck in a job that you hate, and you’re just battling yourself in your own head wondering ‘why am I still here? Why do I keep doing these things?’ Ultimately, at the end of the day we all feel a little bit crazy…a little bit like a psycho. It’s just a fun song that we can all relate to, and stylistically we thought to ourselves ‘how do we make a song that sounds like it could live on the ‘Like A House On Fire’ album, but also like it could live on the ‘From Death To Destiny’ album?’. So musically, from a writing standpoint, it was a really enjoyable experience to meld those two eras of ASKING ALEXANDRIA together and see what that might look like.”

The name of the follow-up to 2021’s “See What’s On The Inside” was revealed by ASKING ALEXANDRIA vocalist Danny Worsnop in an interview with Guitar Interactive at last weekend’s Download festival in the United Kingdom.

Speaking about the meaning of the new album title, Danny said: “I think it’s an internal question we all have from time to time, especially for musicians and especially ones who have been doing it 15 years. There’s always the ‘What’s next?’ We kind of passed through a generation. The industry’s different. The world’s different. And we’ve gotta figure out, how the hell is this thing working now?”

Added drummer James Cassells: “Yeah, [we’ve gotta] find out place in it. We’ve kind of touched a lot of bases here. Over the years, over the albums, we’ve really covered a lot. So, it’s, like, yeah, where do we see ourselves for the next [chapter]?”

Earlier this week ASKING ALEXANDRIA announced a co-headlining tour with THE HU, the acclaimed Mongolian rock sensation and Better Noise Music label-mates. The “Psycho Thunder” tour will kick off this fall and also includes BAD WOLVES and opening act ZERO 9:36. ASKING ALEXANDRIA will make three festival appearances in July — Rock Fest (Wisconsin), Inkcarceration Festival (Ohio) and Louder Than Life (Kentucky) — before the co-headlining tour commences August 30 in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout the trek, which ends October 8 in Los Angeles, ASKING ALEXANDRIA will appear on additional festival dates, including Rocklahoma (Oklahoma), Blue Ridge Rock Festival (Vrignia) and Louder Than Life (Kentucky).

Having joined Better Noise Music in 2021 with the release of their critically acclaimed album “See What’s On The Inside”, ASKING ALEXANDRIA subsequently achieved their first-ever No. 1 Active Rock radio single “Alone Again” and a follow-up Top 10 single with “Never Gonna Learn” (No. 6) in 2022 from their EP of the same name. The band has garnered over 1.4 billion combined streams to date across all platforms along with over 3.1 million monthly Spotify listeners. Their music videos have received over 700 million views.


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