APOCALYPTICA & AMARANTHE’s ELIZE RYD Unite in Powerful New Anthem “What We’re Up Against”

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Finnish cello metal giants Apocalyptica have unleashed a new single, “What We’re Up Against,” featuring the electrifying vocals of Amaranthe‘s Elize Ryd.

From the opening cello riff that burrows into your bones to Ryd‘s soaring vocals that ignite the anthem’s core, “What We’re Up Against” is a powerful fusion of heavy metal and melodic might. The song pulses with a message of standing strong against the tide of misinformation and societal pressures, urging listeners to forge their paths and fight for what they believe in.

“The song is about being true to your values and the importance of being aware of formulating opinions and taking action in today’s world,” explains Apocalyptica cellist Eicca Toppinen. “This song felt perfect for this collaboration, and Elize is giving an amazing performance!”

The accompanying music video further amplifies the song’s message, offering a visually stunning experience, and bringing the synergy of these two Nordic musical forces to life. Check it out below.


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