ALPHA REV to Perform a Two-Hour Online Show to Launch “To Cure A Rose” Foundation

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After leaving an indelible mark on the progressive rock world derived from his superb work as singer/guitarist for prog supergroups Flying Colors and The Sea WithinCasey McPherson turns his sight to his alternative rock band Alpha Rev to perform a two-hour online show on February 28, 2021.

Such show will be held on International Rare Disease Day in order to launch the To Cure A Rose Foundation. As some people may know, Casey´s five-year-old daughter Rose was recently diagnosed with a rare neurological disease called HNRNPH2. To Cure A Rose Foundation will add to the efforts already made and will play its part in working toward an impactful genetic treatment for HNRNPH2 patients. 

Casey McPherson has touched countless fans around the world. With his musical prowess, he has brought joy, serenity and inspiration to many of us. If you ever felt that way listening to his music, this is the time to show your support. 

Come and join Casey and Alpha Rev on the live streaming through their Facebook and YouTube profiles on February 28 at 6:00 PM CST. Even though it will be a free concert, please consider donating through this link:

Let’s enjoy great music and help a loving father on his crusade to save her daughter and other children through the To Cure A Rose Foundation.


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