AENIMUS Release Visualizer For Rendition of OPETH’s “Demon Of The Fall”

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Bay Area natives, Aenimus, have now offered fans the visualizer for their cover of Opeth‘s “Demon Of The Fall”. Check it out below.

Aenimus comments, “When Nuclear Blast approached us with the idea of covering a classic metal song, we honestly had a hard time deciding what song or even artist we would cover. We went back and forth for months before one of our label reps brought up the idea of paying tribute to Opeth. This idea felt immediately right with all of us. Opeth is one of Greg‘s favorite bands and they are one of the pioneers of progressive death metal, so it was an easy yes. We decided to go with one of their older songs, ‘Demon Of The Fall’ because not only is it a great song that is heavy and really fit the vibes we were going for with our follow up EP Sacrificial but we felt with today’s modern production we could really transform this song into something amazing. When reimagining this track, we wanted to keep that classic Opeth feel to it but give it a more modern Aenimus sound so we focused in on adding a full orchestration behind the song and Brian even added a nice arpeggio section over one of the instrumental breaks. We are super happy how it all turned out and hope that the legends in Opeth get a chance to hear it, and maybe even dig it too.”

Purchase/listen to “Demon Of The Fall” here.

Earlier this year the band also release a visualizer for “The Climb”.


  • Seth Stone / Vocals
  • Greg Paulson / Guitar
  • Brian Gosling / Guitar

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