ACE FREHLEY Releases Music Video For New Single “Cherry Medicine”

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RRHOF-inductee and guitar legend Ace Frehley has released the music video for his new single, “Cherry Medicine,” today. Ace‘s forthcoming album, “10,000 Volts,” will be released tomorrow (February 23, 2024).  Produced and co-written by Ace and Steve Brown, the uncontainable energy on the 11-tracks showcases some of Ace‘s best works since his ’78 solo album.

On “Cherry Medicine,” a mean palm-muted chug underlines his pensive vocals where he confesses, “I knew I had to change my ways for sure to keep you by my side.” The track showcases another side of Frehley with its saccharine and sweet, soaring hook as he promises, “I love you, cherry medicine. You heal my every need and some.” He seals the sentiment with another powerhouse solo.

Pre-order “10,000 Volts” HERE.


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