WE CAME FROM SPACE’s Guitarist DAVE BUZARD and Keyboardist BILL HUBAUER Discuss Recent Album “Overlords”: If You Listen To The Whole Record, It’s Like Flipping Up The FM Dial In The ’70s…”

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The roots of the band We Came from Space go back more than 45 years, when 11-year olds Bill Hubauer and Dave Buzard got to know one another in school. They started listening to new rock music in Dave’s basement. They listened to great groups as they group up, including Kansas, Gamma, and many more. And like a lot of teenage boys, they played a lot of air guitar, until they decided to try to pick up real instruments. And before long, they became determined to start their own band, each learning to play guitar.

Hubauer and Buzard played in bands, but not together. And each went into a real day job, playing music in the evenings an on weekends. But they never gave up on the thought of performing together. It would take another 33 years for that band to come to reality. They called it We Came From Space and focused on Prog-Rock. Their first album, “How to be Human”, came out in 2013. The second, “While You Were Away,” was released five years later.

The newest record just came out. It’s called “Overlords” – and it’s an album about power (or lack of it), missed communications, fame (and the toll it can take), and more. And it shows Hubauer and Buzard (along with bassist Dave Hawk and drummer Tim Malone) at the top of their game, adding a little jam band sound to their prog-rock base.

The album can be ordered in physical format AT THIS LOCATION and purchased in its digital variants HERE.

Recently, Bill Hubauer and Dave Buzard spoke with our youngest contributor Mark Boardman about the new album – and what it was like those many years ago to get turned on to new rock. Watch or listen to their chat below, and remember that for more interviews and other daily content, Sonic Perspectives is on Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter and YouTube, where you can be notified about new content we publish on a daily basis.


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