FINNTROLL Vocalist VRETH On Upcoming Album “Vredesvavd”: “FINNTROLL Has Always Been About Doing Exactly What We Want… To Go Beyond What Is Accepted By The Genre”

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A name eponymous with the dawn of extreme folk metal itself, Finntroll are poised to impress with their return album “Vredesvävd.” Seven years of studio silence were offset by filling those years with intensive touring, including top festival placements across Europe with folk metal compatriots including Korpiklaani, Ensiferum, and Turisas. Headlining tours celebrated both their 2013 album “Blodsvept” and the tenth anniversary of “Nattfödd” as the scene embraced their incessantly inventive sonic creations. Those seven years have given birth to something darker and more aggressive than Finntroll has explored before, even in their earliest full-length albums which were once the most extreme reaches of their discography. With this return to their roots in extreme metal, “Vredesvävd” offers fans blackened folk metal with an inventive twist that only folk metal pioneers such as Finntroll could spearhead. 

The Finnish septet has not just drawn from the chilling landscape of 90’s black metal, but has also leaned wholeheartedly into orchestrations for a fuller and more cinematic sound throughout the album. Featuring Swedish lyrics from original vocalist Katla while Trollhorn continues to serve as the mastermind behind Finntroll’s songwriting, current vocalist Vreth is shown to be at the top of his vocal game in an album which sees his voice mature and expand from its peak in “Blodsvept.” Finntroll’s vocalist since 2004, Vreth has recently taken the role as vocalist of black metal project …and Oceans, while 2019 also saw him join Festerday with his …and Oceans band-mates. “Cosmic World Mother,” released in May 2020, was the black-metal primer for Vreth’s performance on “Vredesvavd,” a title which translates to ‘wrath-woven.’ Harnessing the brutality of a vocal style which fits seamlessly with the influences on “Vredesvad,” this album presents a collection of journeys told through the eyes of a band that still has a hunger for innovative songwriting and talents which match with their ambitions. 

Vreth spoke with Sonic Perspectives contributor Samantha Buckman on the band’s stylistic evolution and recent return to their more extreme roots, as well as the inspiration which brought “Vredesvävd” to life. Listen to the full audio interview below, and remember that for more interviews and other daily content, make sure to follow Sonic Perspectives on Facebook, Flipboard and Twitter and  subscribe to our YouTube channel to be notified about new content we publish on a daily basis.


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