PRIMAL FEAR’s Tom Naumann: “We Always Strive to Improve Ourselves As a Band, Without Losing Our Musical Roots”

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Formed in 1997 by members and ex-members of Sinner and Gamma Ray, the German metal band Primal Fear has made a name for itself for consistently delivering high-caliber, Judas Priest-inspired, adrenaline-fueled metal that never. Along with Sweden’s Hammerfall, they are widely credited for revitalizing heavy metal during the grunge-alternative heyday of the 90s and have the enviable distinction of never having released a weak album.

Pumped for the August 10th release of Primal Fear‘s new album Apocalypse (you can read our own review of the album here), ever-cordial on again/off again Primal Fear guitarist Tom Naumann was kind enough to stay up well past his bedtime just to give Sonic Perspectives shooter/scribe Gonzalo Pozo one of the most genial conversations he’s had the pleasure of having with a rocker dude, and to show off that he has Steve Lukather‘s cell phone number and you don’t.

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