THANK YOU SCIENTIST’s Tom Monda and Ben Karas: “We Weren’t Specifically Looking for a Nude Senior Citizen BUT…”

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Call it hyperbole if you wish, but with prog-rock in America often associated with older bands and often equally experienced fans I don’t think there are many bands more important to the next wave as New Jersey’s own Thank You Scientist. And coming from a Pennsylvania resident you know I mean business when I actually compliment anything coming out of our loveable trashy neighbor. The seven-piece has a new double album called Terraformer due out on June 14th and launch a new tour of North America on April 12th. You can get info on both of those items at the band’s site here.

Normally an interview will inform the listener, and I hope this will, but I must request the before listening you consider checking out the promotional video for the album below, being aware that it may not be appropriate for work. Or for kids. Or anywhere where anyone might see your monitor at some point. But I won’t judge you for watching.

Then you can proceed to listen to the interview, where contributor Nick Andreas sits with Thank You Scientist founding member and bandleader Tom Monda (guitars) and Ben Karas (electric violin). Part of the discussion was about the material surrounding the new album Terraformer, including the making of that video and why such a creative approach can be as important as the music the band is making. We also talked about the band’s new hotline, 1-833-BRGN-BOY, which is real and regularly updated, a few recent special live shows, and a few other odds and ends. Listen to the chat, or subscribe to our Podcast in several platforms to listen and be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on daily basis.


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