THRESHOLD’S Keyboardist/Composer RICHARD WEST Talks Recent Album “Dividing Lines”, Upcoming Projects, His Just Released Autobiography Book and More: “We Wrote the Best Songs We Could Come Up With, Without Thinking About Topping Our Previous Record”

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For Threshold keyboardist and composer Richard West, the Covid-19 quarantines could have meant that he had too much time on his hands. No live gigs. No in-person compositing sessions with long-time writing partner Karl Groom.  Confusion. Disruption. Boredom. Depression.

The same emotions that washed over most of us.

But West is not like others. He took the time to get even busier than normal. He began writing and later recording what became the recently released Threshold album “Dividing Lines,a record that has been garnering praise from fans and critics alike. He worked with wife Farrah in the pop group League of Lights.  He decided to cut a follow-up to Threshold’s stunning and fan-favorite 2017 album “Legends of the Shires” – but doing so outside the bounds of his main band, hence forming a new act called Oblivion Protocol with 3 internationally renowned musicians. He wrote an autobiography titled “Maybe A Writer – My Life in Threshold”, which as the titled implies, focuses on his time with the British progressive metallers stalwarts. And through it all, West helped care for his dying father.
Sonic Perspectives interviewer Mark Boardman had a long and wide-ranging talk with Richard West, touching on all the things that filled his calendar during the pandemic, and investigating the role of faith in his efforts. They delved deep into details of the recording of “Dividing Lines,the time 30 years ago when he was asked to join Threshold and other stories narrated in his autobiography, his recent gig with League of Lights, what to expect from the Oblivion Protocol debut album, and exclusive details about the remixes of some Threshold albums, which surely you don’t want to miss hearing about!

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Pre-order “Dividing Lines” on a variety of formats, including signed insert + UK exclusive colored vinyl from Recordstore, at this location.

“Dividing Lines” track-listing:

1. Haunted
2. Hall of Echoes
3. Let It Burn
4. Silenced
5. The Domino Effect
6. Complex
7. King of Nothing
8. Lost Along the Way
9. Run
10. Defence Condition


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