HAKEN’s Ray Hearne: “Our 5th Album Will Be Out By the End of the Year”

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Few progressive metal bands have seen the type of steady growth Haken has over the past ten years. Followed and enjoyed by older traditional prog enthusiasts and a younger metal leaning crowd, the band has steadily become a staple in the genre over the course of four studio albums and ever-growing tours. I had the pleasure of chatting with Ray Hearne, the drummer, backing vocalist, and an important behind the scenes cog for the band for over forty minutes. We discussed life on the road, and how much more goes into putting on a show or tour together than just the footage you’ll see on L-1VE, the band’s first ever live album due out June 22 via InsideOut Music

We talked about how L-1VE caps the 10th anniversary of the band, and how the band hopes to see regular live releases on future tours now that they have this experience under their belt. And one of those live releases could potentially come from new markets, as the band is exploring the possibility of playing Japan, more of Asia, and, to the joy of many hardcore fans there, things are looking very promising to bring Haken to South America. Also touched on was the bands 5th studio effort, which is said to be “heavy”, but still very much like Haken, and we are told it will be in our hands by the end of 2018. 

You can hear the entire interview, as well as the lead single from L-1ve, “In Memoriam”, in the link below.


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