VADER’s Front-man PIOTR WIWCZAREK Talks Writing “Solitude In Madness” Album: “All the Songs I Created for This Record Are a Little Piece of My Life”

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Mainstays in the death metal scene for almost three decades, Vader have embodied the spirit of old school in each release since their 1992 debut album “The Ultimate Incantation.” On May 1st, Vader will release their latest full-length album titled “Solitude in Madness,” following close on the heels of their 2019 EP “Thy Messenger.” Crafted with contributions from the most consistent lineup in the band’s history, “Solitude in Madness” has proven an opportunity for the band to maintain their crushing brutality while still exploring how to grow and evolve their style. Including ten original songs and one cover, “Solitude in Madness” promises to deliver an expanded array of material for the band to draw from in future tours, adding to an already impressive live energy.

Vader is led by the creative genius of Piotr “Peter” Wiwczarek, who has been the mastermind driving the band since 1983. As guitarist, vocalist, and composer, his guidance is responsible for the distinct sound Vader has maintained over almost four decades. For an in-depth discussion on  the upcoming album, Peter spoke with Sonic Perspectives on the songwriting process behind “Solitude in Madness” as well how Vader keeps delivering such consistent brutality to fans and new listeners alike.

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