RAGE Mastermind PEAVEY WAGNER Talks New Album Sound: “The Idea Was to Bring All RAGE Styles Together in A Homogeneous Way”

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Not many metal acts can look back at as comprehensive, multi-faceted and varied a career as Rage. Founded in spring 1983 in Germany, the band surrounding vocalist/bassist Peavy Wagner has integrated a wide range of stylistic nuances into its musical concept. There have been releases which focused primarily on hard thrash sounds, but also recordings featuring anthemic power metal as well as albums with a symphonic orientation. “Wings of Rage”, the latest offering by the trio, consists of all this and much more. Peavy and his colleagues Marcos Rodriguez (guitar) and Vassilios Maniatopoulos (drums) have succeeded in summarizing the diversity and experience of almost 37 years of band history in twelve topical songs, starting a new chapter at the same time.

Thanks to the aforementioned variety on “Wings of Rage”, Wagner, Rodriguez and Maniatopoulos can be one hundred per cent certain that every fan will find something to their very own, personal taste. Rage produced their new album themselves, Marcos Rodriguez taking care of mix and mastering at the Soundchaser Studio in Burscheid.

Rage have gone all out on “Wings of Rage” in musical and production terms, and the album presents the band as dynamic as ever. It’s surely an album worth discussing at length, and Sonic Perspectives tireless collaborator Rodrigo Altaf sat down with Wagner to address several aspects of its writing and recording , touring plans, Peavey’s influences and much more. Listen to their interesting conversation below and remember to stalk us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to be notified about new interviews and contents we publish on a daily basis.


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